Sophie Magnolia

As usual, I learned a lot from this birth. Absolutely nothing in the clinical sense, but quite a bit about just how important respecting the family’s birth space is.


It’s very easy to attend a birth where mom wants a lot of support from the birth team. It gives you something to do, and you get a front-row seat to all the action. This couple had a vision of a very private birth with just each other for support. Which meant I had to stay out of the way.


I’m a little embarrassed to admit how hard I found this to be. I tried my best to help ready things quietly, and spent most of my time on the other side of the house, sitting on my hands. I was DYING to know what was going on in there. But I managed. And Sophie was born into her daddy’s hands, as her mama sang and encouraged her out into the world. Just as her parents wanted it to be.


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