He Who Would Not Be Scheduled


Yesterday while I was finishing up the hospital and newborn photo shoots I did for one of my best friends, my phone alerted me that today would be this little guy’s due date and that I was scheduled to go photograph him in the afternoon.


Except that he’s already 12 days old.



He wasn’t having any of this scheduled business, and decided to show up when mom and dad least expected.





Personally, I think he was just looking out for the best lighting. Smart kid.




Welcome Earthside, Darcy!



A sneak peek of Tovah! I don’t usually do newborns, but this mom was kind of special to me. ♥


The Hope Warrior


There were many firsts for me at this birth – my first time attending a first-time mom, and my first time at a birth where the gender was a surprise! It made for much joy to see a sweet couple become a family.

Welcome earthside, Baby Liza!